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How to win as an Independent in 2024

How to become a Ward Councillor in South Africa (also relevant for campaign managers)

The benefits and value of INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE TRAINING is essential in understanding the process; feeling competent to empower and influence your constituency and engaging your campaign team. We can guide you as your learning partner to maximize this experience.

In terms of amendments to the Electoral Act, independent candidates will be able to contest elections. In a race against the clock, the rules and regulations for the new dispensation for elections are being ironed out in Parliament.

Parliament has been racing to finalize the details for the new electoral dispensation following a landmark ruling two years ago that independent candidates could participate in provincial and national elections. The court gave Parliament two years to effect the necessary changes.

How to win a local election with limited funds

  1. Sign up for our Online Independent Candidate Campaign Course.

  2. Start early. I can’t emphasize this enough. Starting early is probably the most important ingredient in winning a local election. To win your race, you have one simple goal - to get more votes than your competition.

  3. Be organized. Running for office is a lot of work. And you have to finish all of that work before election day. Strong organization is critical to making the most out of the candidate’s, supporters’ and volunteers’ limited time.

  4. Identify key influencers. You will never have enough time to talk to every voter in your Ward. If you can identify who knows the most people, you can leverage their networks to help you.

  5. Get to endorsers first. Once a candidate receives an endorsement from a person or organization, it is highly unlikely that endorsement will be reversed. So it’s critical to lock up key endorsements as soon as possible.

  6. A committed team is better than a large team. Winning an election is hard work. So you need to spread the work and build your team. What is often forgotten is that one dedicated volunteer can be as productive as 100 flaky volunteers. Focus on recruiting dedicated, committed volunteers who have the time and desire to help you win. And make sure to treat them well!

  7. Know and have simple and consistent messaging. If someone asks you why you are running for office, you should always know your message.

  8. Raising money should be a parallel path, not a primary objective. In my experience, prioritizing raising money over garnering votes can be one of the biggest mistakes local candidates make. Most local candidates seem to focus on raising money first and garnering votes second. These should be parallel paths.

  9. Leverage technology. Your time and your volunteers’ time is valuable. One of the best ways to make the most out of their time is to leverage technology. Whether you want to walk doors, phone bank, leverage direct mail or try a friend-to-friend canvassing strategy, make sure you leverage technology to accomplish your goals.

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