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Independent Candidates South Africa

Independent Candidates South Africa

The road to the 2024 Ballot Box

Independents ACHIEVED 16 Top 3 Spots out of 41 bi-elections since the 2021 National Election.


Stats show that in KwaZulu-Natal, just under 100 000 people voted for independents, followed by Limpopo with 75 688 and the Eastern Cape with 73 263 votes. In 2021’s local government elections 61 independent ward candidates were elected to municipal councils. Together with those elected by civic organizations on both the ward and proportional lists the total was at least 122 councillors countrywide, who represent about 752,000 voters.

The Western Cape, where the DA won a majority of 54.19%, independents received just above 15 400 votes. In the Northern Cape independents got 12 918 votes.

Independents WON 3 Wards out of 41 bi-elections since the 2021 National Election.

What could and should be the impact of Independent Ward Councillors in South Africa?

• Reverse voter apathy/decline in turnout at elections

• Direct link with voters

• Resource to constituents

• Not beholden to a party

• More competitive political space

• Political parties potential response

• Incentive to perform and serve constituents

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