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The party affirms its belief in the free enterprise economic system, private property ownership, individual rights and representative government accountable directly to the people.

The party shall forever be open to all, accessible to all and answerable to its members, voters and the people of the City of Tshwane.

Download or read the Standing Rules and Bylaws of the Republican Conference of Tshwane (at the bottom of the page). The party is the official organization of the eligible voters registered with an affiliated Ward Chapter as members or supporters of the party, and exercises general direction over the citywide election campaigns for Republican nominees for local government elective offices. The party works together with the local chartered ward chapters, which are provided for in these bylaws and that operate under their own bylaws and direction with respect to local election campaigns in their respective wards.

The Ward Chapter is established for the purpose to promote and protect the financial, social, environmental and property rights and interests of its members as residents and business owners in the ward {number} area of the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality (hereinafter “the City of Tshwane”)

Name and Surname Physical Address E-mail Contact Number
Chapter Membership Ward 91
Yearly @ R600-00
Monthly @ R50 per month
Standing Rules and Bylaws of the RCoT
I have read and accept
Additional Information
I would like to offer my services (@ department)
Vice Chairman
Executive Committee
Management Committee
Social Media
Volunteer (Canvass)
Volunteer (Phone Bank)
Volunteer (Donations)
Volunteer (Endorsements)
Volunteer (Media)

Download Chapter Ward 91 Standing Rules and Bylaws

Download Here